Rosebuds- Pixabay

“Mary Wiseman, holy mother,
Share your prudence with us, please!
As to wisdom there’s no other
Having greater expertise!”


“Mother Mary, I’ve a question
‘Bout a poem I have read
That encourages expression
Of desire before we’re dead:

“‘Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying.’

“Solomon has taught this also,
Vanities and all will fade,
Youth and beauty passing much so
Like a marching-by parade.

“What’s the purpose of my waiting?
Of suppressing what I do?
Why waste time with such debating
Of what’s good and what’s taboo?

“Why not let a man now have me?
Show me passions through the night?
Loving feelings, pleasures newly
How can this not be so right?”

Mary smiled and took her young hand
In her old and withered one.
“O child, you do not understand
How all things work beneath the sun.

“First with men, know how they’re different
Not like us they operate.
Know the view they represent:
Sex and love are separate.

“Driving needs consume them always,
Lust, desire are ever there.
Love arrives with many delays
(If it’s present anywhere.)

“Scarcely such a man you’ll e’er find
Fueled by love instead of lust,
Loving you so thoughtfully kind,
Showing honor, truth, and trust.

“But most will use such loving deeds
Virgin bodies sole to claim.
Because it’s love your heart so needs,
Falsely think he feels the same.

“Promises he’ll offer sweetly
Tell you what you want to hear,
Make you feel beloved immensely
So your clothes will disappear.

“Win your body, win his pleasure,
This is what he mainly wants.
Use you, take your every measure
Then to friends his victory flaunts.

“Love ne’er appears in just one night.
Lust the only patron there.
All done with you, he takes his flight
Planning other hearts to snare.

“For men, no sex they e’er regret,
No mulling over feelings.
They always need to get and get
By choice or even stealing.

“But you? A lie yourself to say:
‘Also I am using him.’
A man can do and walk away,
Treat your night a passing whim.

“Ne’er for you this should be wondered:
Heart and body–both entwine.
Sex and love cannot be sundered.
Woman’s truth: both must align.

“Why would you e’er want a stranger
Touching all your private parts?
Put yourself in mortal danger,
Risking bleeding broken hearts?

“Sex demands a giving fully,
Everything you have and be.
Heart and mind and body truly
Offered up entirely.

“Only love that’s truly given
Matches what such coupling is.
Sex fulfilling is not riven
From true love–both hers and his.

“Look you in a mirror robe-less
See your beauty, every part.
Who should touch that? Make you undress?
Touching these will touch your heart.

“Any man you let to touch you
Not your husband, not your love
Rapes you, takes you, always makes you
Less a woman worthy of.

“A lie that sex is casual
Just for passion, just for fun.
The moment: yes, so pleasureful.
Afterwards: your heart’s undone.

“Know that she who does this often
Burns her conscience, sears her heart,
Sets in stone to never soften
Lest regrets tear her apart.

“And hearts so hardened in this way
Consequences few can see,
How hard to give her heart away,
Trust or love someone truly.

“Blame not men, then, for your choices,
Times you know your vote was made.
Listened you to lying voices
Chasing pleasure’s cavalcade.

“But O! That man who loves you so!
Off’ring heart and soul and life!
Respects, protects, and e’er bestows
Loyalty as man to wife!

“As joining those once far away
Raises parties grandly made,
Joining sex with love will be a
Joyful, climaxing parade!

“With man like that, so worth the wait!
Hearts afire, finally freed.
Such love fulfills none else can sate
Consummating every need.

“Loving hands that touch your body
Loving lips that kiss all o’er
Make you feel your youth and beauty
Worth each moment evermore!

“Every touch exalts your beauty
Every kiss your youth extols
Every word is love that truly
Fills your hungry heart and soul.

That redeems your youth and fairness,
While the flowers fade and fall.
Else is waste and bringing lowness,
Making what is great so small.

“Else corrupts your beauty always
Else destroys your youth and strength.
Else will squander all your good days.
Else is suffering at length.

“And by the by, that poem’s quotes?
Herrick’s ending, did you read?
No wanton pleasures he connotes
As conclusion to this need.

“Said he, ‘Go marry’ in your prime,
Lest you tarry ne’er a wife.
How best can you redeem your time?
Love one, be loved, all your life.”

(Photo by Pixabay)